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How will your business stand out this year?

Especially in these times, savvy business people know their business needs to stand apart from and above their competition. Part of differentiating your business is the image you project to the public, and to your customers. Some of your external image can be achieved through the services and products you offer, as well as customer service, for example. Your image can also be portrayed through branding vehicles such as logos, fonts, and other styling mechanisms. Some stop there.

However, your marketing extends even deeper into the actual customer experience. At Design Exclusives, we believe every customer touch point matters, especially when clients/customers visit your place of business. A stunning office design and finish build confidence in your organization, and it makes for a more professional environment for clients and employees.

Commercial Painting, Finishing & Design
With An Edge

What impression do you want customers and potential clients to take away from your business?

If you cater to a more exclusive, high end crowd, and if you have discerning taste, you may be considering up scaling to a more sophisticated look and feel for your place of business. When you do, consider how the redesign, decorative painting and finishing of your lobby, offices, meeting rooms,retail or hospitality spaces, showrooms etc. can:

1. Communicate quality and attention to detail through a dramatic visual impact.
2. Create a more welcoming environment to customers, and to employees.
3. Delight customers unexpectedly by projecting professionalism, credibility and stability.

We at Design Exclusives believe the art and quality of service we bring to every project is in the details. We are not just focused on creating a unique, attractive space - we are more global thinkers - looking to help project an image that demonstrates your brand, helps you stand out among competition, and makes a lasting impression with your customers.

Improve the professional image of your restaurant, office space, showroom, institution, boutique, gallery or professional with Long Island's Design Exclusives, at 516-847-3505. We look forward to the opportunity to learn more about your business and work with you to build your brand. Or, please complete the contact form below.

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