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Long Island Faux Finishing Services

Turn any room into a masterpiece with the help of our Long Island Faux Painting and Long Island Faux Finishing company.

When quality is important to you, turn your walls from ordinary to extraordinary with the help of licensed, certified professionals who have the experience and unique technique to transform your walls into head turners. When you work with Design Exclusives, the number and type of different finishes you can have are only limited by your imagination.

Why consider faux painting and finishing versus a regular, painted wall?

When ordinary simply will not do, many seek out a look that will set their home or place of business apart from the standard paintwork seen in many spaces. Faux painting and finishing is a hot decorating trend in recent years to address this specific need.

The word "faux" actually means "false" in French. Faux painting refers to a variety of decorative finishes that can be applied to walls using a range of techniques, including sponging, rag rolling, color washing, ragging, stippling, dragging and crackle painting.

Faux finishing, which uses paint to replicate a specific surface can also do much for a tired, bland spaces, creating texture and depth, adding color or elegance, and simply elevating a room's mood. Some of the most popular faux finishes include leather and marble -- however, using faux techniques, virtually any surface can be recreated with paint given the right talent.

Here is a helpful list of some of the faux finishes commonly used:

Faux Clouds, Denim Faux Finish, Parchment Faux Finish, Silk Faux Finish, Linen Faux Finish, and Faux Brick Technique.

Keep in mind that paint decor is not limited to walls. It can revitalize furniture, cabinets, woodwork, and many other objects too. We can help you from wall to furniture to ceiling.

To learn more about faux painting and finishing and to see examples of how faux can enhance your home or business decor, please feel free to contact Design Exclusives at 516-847-3505.

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