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DESIGN EXCLUSIVES is a leading Long Island decorative painting and faux finishing company dedicated to delivering the highest quality decorative work to Long Island residences and workplaces.

Long Island Faux Finishing Services

Turn any room into a masterpiece with the help of our Long Island Faux Painting and Long Island Faux Finishing company.

Commercial Painting, Finishing & Design

If you cater to a more exclusive, high end crowd, and if you have discerning taste, you may be considering up scaling to a more sophisticated look and feel for your place of business.

1. What services do you provide? Our list of residential and business decorative services is extensive. We can provide virtually any painting work, finishing, detailing and interior design you need. Often we innovate with materials and techniques to suit our clients and create a remarkable product. Below is a selection of services:
Custom Faux Finish Design & Selection, Color consultations, Budget Planning, Business Image Development, Cabinetry Finish Design, Furniture Finishes and Design, Fabric Matching, Conceptual Design Development, Flooring Finishes, Outdoor Finishes, Paint Selection, Showroom Backdrop Design & Decoration, Custom Preparation and Painting,
Specialty Finishes include: Old World Plasters, Venetian Plasters, Metallic Plasters, Woodgraining, Marbling, Intricate Stenciling and onlay work, Mineral Based Plasters (Green), Molding and Woodwork Treatments, Gold, Silver, Copper Leaf Finishes, Super Metallic Finishes, Contemporary Texturing, Glazes and Washes, Vertical Stamped and Carved Concrete.

2. Why should we choose Design Exclusives? Quality, Credibility, Innovation-- and consistent levels of high Customer Satisfaction. After 20 years as licensed, insured, formally trained and certified artisans, our work has been recognized throughout the media and press. Perhaps our most important gauge, however, is our customers, who come back repeatedly. Read some of the testimonials on our website to learn more about what customers are saying. They choose us because we are not just painters, we are true artists and designers.

3. What is important when I am researching a Decorative Painter and Finisher? Select a business that is reputable, has a lengthy referral and reference list, and provides proof of technical expertise, such as formal training certifications and licensing. In terms of expertise, find an artisan that has the actual experience and talent necessary to do the work you envision. Beware of substandard companies offering cheap rates, heavy discounts, promos and "me too" pitches. They may advertise that they provide faux painting and finishing, however most often they have no formal art of painting training, and they may not be certified or trained. In this industry, you do get what you pay for. You want an artisan that will do the job right the first time, use quality materials, and provide the attention your project deserves.

4. Do you provide free estimates? Our superior customer service starts even before our clients hire us. We provide estimates for every project, regardless of project size. We also help with budgeting and other planning services so that you are covered at every point in the design and decoration process. Request A Quote Now.

5. Do you do work outside of Long Island? While the bulk of our work is focused on the Nassau County and Suffolk County Long Island residential and business community, we also work throughout the Long Island, New York Metro, NYC and Westchester area.

6. What is your privacy policy? Building your trust is our priority. Our privacy and personal information policies are very strict. We never sell or distribute any of your personal information to third parties for any purpose. Any personal information you provide to us is held in strict confidentiality. Our goal in collecting this information is only to establish communication, and to provide helpful information related to your possible design projects.

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DESIGN EXCLUSIVES is a leading Long Island decorative painting and faux finishing company dedicated to delivering the highest quality decorative work to Long Island residences and workplaces.

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